Property Inspections

When buying a home or getting your business set up in a commercial location, knowing what you're getting into can make all the difference. With ASM's full Property Inspectoin services, you can be rest assured your decision to either take the property, walk away, or feel confident with the adjustments you'll need to make is a sound one.


ASM provides its clients with the most comprehensive reports in the industry. All reports are
generated in a detailed narritive acompanied by conclussive photos of problem areas.


As the Buyer:

A professional inspection will help you make an informed decisoin when purchasing a new home
or building. Our inspection report will provide you with essential information needed during the

purchasing process.


As the Seller:

A pre-listing inspection can uncover any underlying problems and in some cases, safety issues.
With the knowledge of any issues prior to listing,
the buyer can make repairs needed and allow
for disclosure of defeincies.


Home and Commercial Inspection Services Include:


Electrical System

Receptacles, Switches Panels,
and more.

Plumbing System

Fixtures, Boiler, Water Heaters, and more.


HVCA Systems

A/C System Components, Furnaces, and more.


Exteriors & Flashing

Siding, Wondows, Doors, and more.



Structural Components

Porches, Decks, Basements, Attics,

Foundations, and more.


Roofing & Flashings

Roofs, Flashings, Gutter, and more.


Wood Destroying Insects

Presence of Termites and other WDI's (Optional).



Property Inspections



Home Inspections



Specialty Inspections


" When it comes to reliablity and top quality service, you can't beat Anthony and his team. They saved me from speding way too much on my home. When I finally pulled the trigger, I never felt more secure about any decision in my life."

- Mark,  Wayne, NJ