When buying and selling your home or
commercial realestate, knowing your investment

is one without hidden surprises brings more
then realestate value, it brings peace of mind.

Buy & Sell



  • Structural

  • Electrical

  • Plumbing

  • HVAC-Moisture Testing

  • Roofing/Flashing

  • Exterior

  • EIFS Inspections

  • Stucco Inspections

  • MSV Inspections

  • Moisture Testing

  • Radon Testing

  • Mold Testing

  • WDI Termite

ASM Inspection Services have been inspecting home and commercial realestate for nearly 10 years. As a custom home builder for 16 years and commercial cladding contractor for 20 years, ASM's team has the experience needed to
know how a home or structure should be
built from the inside out.


It is with that experince that has helped us
become the most thorough and trusted
inspection service company in Northern
New Jersey. We take pride in making sure that
the residential and commercial properties we inspect are built to the same quality we have

come to expect from ourselves.


Our inspectors are on your side. When we look
at a property, we view as if we were the buyer or seller. When suplpying a report, you will recieve a full explination from your inspector as to what is in the report and why.



— Mark, Wayne, NJ

" When it comes to reliablity and top quality service, you can't beat Anthony and his team. They saved me from speding way too much on my home. When I finally pulled the trigger, I never felt more secure about any decision in my life."


NJ Licensed Inspector.  License No. 24GI00115400  EDI# NJ-90 (stucco inspections), MET 13014 (Radon)

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