Property Inspections

When buying a home or getting your business set up in a commercial location, knowing what you're getting into can make all the difference. With ASM's full Property Inspection services, you can be rest assured your decision to either take the property, walk away, or feel confident with the adjustments you'll need to make is a sound one.


ASM provides its clients with the most comprehensive reports in the industry. All reports are
generated in a detailed narritive acompanied by conclussive photos of problem areas.

As the Buyer:

A professional inspection will help you make an informed decisoin when purchasing a new home
or building. Our inspection report will provide you with essential information needed during the

purchasing process.

As the Seller:

A pre-listing inspection can uncover any underlying problems and in some cases, safety issues.
With the knowledge of any issues prior to listing, the buyer can make repairs needed and allow
for disclosure of defeincies.


Porches, Decks, Basements, Attics,

Foundations, and more.


The Structural system is checked as part of a Professional Engineer's home inspection. One of the biggest concerns of home buyers is the structure of the building.  If you buy a building that has a structural defect, the fact that most buildings have no structural defects is of little comfort. You want to know if the house or building you are considering purchasing is structurally sound.

Electrical System

Receptacles, Switches Panels,
and more.


There are many reasons behind the necessity of getting an electrical inspection done. Some of the most common ones are:

  • Protection against possible surges: This is a common phenomenon in different regions, especially when there is a storm. Electrical surges can not only ruin your appliances, but can also create short circuits in your house. When the inspection is being done, the inspector will check for different points in the wiring that can cause this type of mishap.

  • Fire: Many a times it has been seen that an electrical short circuit has been the reason behind a fire breakout in a house. These short circuits are caused by different loose wires in the meter or in the cabling itself. During the inspection, the inspector can easily recognize these faults and ask you to rectify them.

  • Shocks: Imagine touching an electronic appliance and immediately experiencing a surging electric current in your body. Although the impact may not be that disastrous; however, this could lead to other mishaps easily. Apart from this, the body current in an electronic appliance can easily hamper its performance or can render it completely non-workable. An electrical inspector can catch these faults in the wiring in time to rectify them.


Fixtures, Boiler, Water Heaters, and more.


Having a plumbing home inspection is important to your home’s internal system, structure and value. Your home is probably the single largest investment you‘ve made through your financial life. Having a solid foundation for the future is important to your home’s future value should you decide to sell. Plumbing is a significant part of that investment. Anyone considering purchasing a home should arrange for a plumbing inspection before making the decision to buy. If you own your home and have never had a plumbing inspection, arrange one as a preventative measure. 


A/C System Components, Furnaces, and more.Exteriors & Flashing

Siding, Wondows, Doors, and more.


A full HVAC inspection is a thorough review and assessment of all components related to heating and cooling your home. Home shoppers are well-advised to pay for an HVAC inspection from a specialist, in addition to a home inspection during the home buying process.

Roofing & Flashings

Roofs, Flashings, Gutter, and more.


Roof inspections are simply inspections that determine the integrity of a roof, how long it may last, and when it will need to be replaced. Roof inspectors are not going to climb up on your roof or the roof of a home you are thinking of buying and pull up shingles or tiles. Roof inspectors have special procedures wherein they can determine the lifespan of a given roof without tearing into it. At first glance it might seem that roofing inspectors would have to pull up part of the roof to do a thorough examination, but if you consider your own roof, you would not want anyone tearing holes in it just to see if it was in good shape.



The exterior of the house is checked as part of a Professional Engineer's home inspection. Anything that has been added to a house or building can affect both the site and the building, so it is important that the exterior improvements be evaluated. A serious problem like rotted wood or termite damage may be costly to repair.