EIFS/Stucco inspections

ASM has specialty services that include Infrared Camera Sevices and EIFS/Stucco inspection services.

Our Infrared Camera Services help our inpectors see difernces within a home that can not be seen by the naked eye. It helps identify issues like potential water leaks, eletrical hazards, or heat eficiency issues that are not yet structural damaging or health risks.


ASM is certified in EIFS/Succo Systems, and have the ability to perform Independant Third Party Inspections for New Construction, Retrofits and Remdial EIFS/Stucco Projects. We provide these services for both Commercial and Residential properties. Our company uses the most up to date techniques and equipment to ensure that our clients are thoroughly educated in these exterior claddings.



One of the biggest benefits of stucco is that it can help make your home more energy efficient. However, if a stucco exterior is poorly installed or not maintained properly, several serious issues can arise. The most serious problem stems from water-related issues—specifically, excess moisture that becomes trapped in your home.

One thing you can consider to protect your investment is a stucco inspection. Only a professional stucco inspector will truly be able to tell if your home may have problems. Here is an overview of what this inspection may include:

Visual inspection: The first level of Stucco Inspection is observational only.  We record what can be visually observed in detailed notes that can easily be used to correct any issues. We can also make recommendations of specific solutions.

Moisture probes: This involves drilling 3/16” holes in stucco at strategic locations and then inserting a moisture probe into the wall to measure the moisture content. This is an accurate and reliable method for determining if there are water problems.

Thermal imaging cameras are a tool to detect water entry areas and heat signatures. They can give varying degrees of accuracy and aren’t to be the final judge for stucco mold problems. We will utilize them but rely on probes as a back up for proof on all their stucco mold inspection reports.




EIFS stucco has been met with mixed reviews over the last decade, some of them being negative for reasons outlined here. EIFS or Exterior Insulation and Finish System has a history of moisture problems. We provide an EIFS Stucco Inspection that can verify the condition and the need for repair on this style of stucco.



The inspector drills several holes side by side for an invasive moisture test. He or she then inserts a probe in the wall to check for moisture behind the cladding using a moisture meter. This is one of the most accurate methods used to determine if water is present or has caused water damage. Inside the home, the inspector dills holes in the interior wall and inserts a moisture probe through the wall.