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Certified Mold Testing | Mold Inspections Bergen County | Passaic County NJ

ASM Inspection Services can thoroughly test your Bergen County or Passaic County NJ home for any potential mold problems. Sampling for mold should be conducted by professionals who have specific experience in designing mold-sampling protocols, sampling methods, and then also interpreting those results - giving you the opportunity to mitigate this problem.

We can reveal if this fungus exists in your property, home, office, or building and also determine how widespread the problem may be. While most property owners can see the black mold that forms in wet areas of a property, maybe in basements, kitchens, and bathrooms, the existence of invisible mold can go virtually unnoticed. Invisible mold in homes can exist in flooring, in walls, and it can even float in the air. When unnoticed mold can reproduce and become a potentially hazardous issue. While many people are immune to the effects of mold, for some it can cause very serious health issues. The existence of mold can cause allergies, lung issues, affect immune systems, and create general health risks. It is the good health of the occupants of a home, office, property, or building that demands mold testing. It's why an extensive mold inspection for your NJ property, home, office, or building is so important!

mold inspections passaic county nj

Why Choose ASM Inspection Services? | Northern NJ Mold Inspections

ASM Inspection Services offers a leading inspection service for Bergen County and Passaic County NJ property owners. A mold testing service should provide a thorough analysis of whether mold exists in your property, including the extent of its existence. And understanding the health of a home is as important for buyers as it is for the owners. ASM Inspection Services is licensed to test for mold in Wayne, Passaic County, and surrounding NJ towns. And by the way, ASM Inspection Services are NOT remediators so we have no conflict of interest when it comes to providing your mold inspection results!

If you're looking for a Certified Home Inspection, Commercial Building Inspection, Pre-Sale Property Inspection, EIFS Stucco InspectionRadon Inspection, Mold Inspection, or WDI Termite Inspection - call ASM Inspection Services today!


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