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Pre-Offer Walk through

Let's face it, buying a home can be one the most stressful experiences anyone will ever
have to go through. Help take some pressure off of yourself and the process by having a
pre-offer walk-through.
A pre-offer walk through means just that. Have our team to walk through
the premesis with you and see potential problems before making an offer.


Why wait for the actual inspection and post negotiations to then try and either fight for more
or to find out your dealing with more than you bargened for. With a pre-offer inspection you can
put a solid offer on the table and know you will be close to what you expect when reaching
the final stages towards closing as opposed to
continued frustration in negotiations.


Call today to get detailed information and pricing: 973-420-8114


" When it comes to reliablity and top quality service, you can't beat Anthony and his team. They saved me from speding way too much on my home. When I finally pulled the trigger, I never felt more secure about any decision in my life."

- Mark,  Wayne, NJ


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